Gospel Reflections (Matthew 25:14-30)

It is encouraging to think of all the talents which friends and neighbours have and which I don’t have. It is all part of the gifts of the Spirit, which Paul sees as making up the whole Body of Christ. Everyone has a special contribution to make. As for me, it is extraordinary that God created me with all my twists, defects, fears and failures and it is precisely because of those boils, sores, abscesses that God loves me, helps me and guides me to work out my salvation. And it is just possible that there may be friends who can think that God has given me talents which make a tiny contribution to the happiness and goodness of the world. In the longer version of this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus mentions a man with just one talent who hides it in the ground: the master calls him “wicked and lazy” and has him thrown out. Why is he so severely treated? This is surely someone who resolutely turns his (or her) back on the goodness she (or he) has received and refuses to work with it for the Lord’s purposes or for anyone else’s. Such a talent goes to waste and merely rusts and corrupts. If I know anyone like that, it is just worth asking whether, with infinite and patient kindness, I can help that person to release their talent and bring it to blossom.
Just think for a moment: what is your best talent? Is it a gift, skill or humour which brings joy and happiness to those around you?
Are you like the man who buried his talent in the ground, or do you use this skill or gift or wisdom to bring joy to others?


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