Gospel Reflections (Mark 13:24-32)

Jesus saw his mission to be the establishment of the sovereignty of God, the kingship and rule of God over the world, including over our rebellious human hearts. Using the language and imagery of his time, he described this ‘earth-shaking’ event in terms of cosmic disturbances. The coming of God, the Day of the Lord, would constitute the end of the world as we know it. As Christians we must acknowledge that the death and resurrection of Christ utterly changed the world for ever; it was the Day of the Lord. And yet the world still continues, and we have still to prepare for a future Day of the Lord, when we will come into that awesome presence. That meeting is pictured in terms of collapse and upheaval, our world turned upside down. At death all our familiar realities cease, even the ticking of the clock; at death, time ceases to have meaning. We do not know, and have no need to know, when or how this will occur. For all, it will come; everyone will meet the Lord, but will we meet Him all together or individually? The Son of Man will gather his own, in great power and glory. What does this reading have to teach us about the coming of the Son of Man? Is it something we should be afraid of? How do we best prepare for that Day?


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