We are pleased to announce that the church is open for Mass. Please see the guidelines below.

Please see Parish Guidelines for the re-opening of the Church here.

Please see message from the Metropolitan Archbishop’s of the Catholic Church in England here.



Please find Southwark Parishes Mass Live Streaming here.

Please find July Mass Sheets here.

Please find Younger Children’s July Activity Sheets here.

Please find Older Children’s July Mass Sheets here.


The Legion of Mary Daily Prayers

Please join our daily 3 pm prayers for those affected by Covid19 and the eradication of the virus, saying the following prayers –  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father,  Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us, St Patrick, pray for us.


Gospel Reflections (Matthew 13:1-9)

Like any good teacher, Jesus uses pictures – or parables. Ever heard the one about the elephant and the wasp? Or electricity like a toy train going round a room? Anyway, for the next three weeks we have some of these pictures, to show us what Jesus is trying to do. This first one is rather sad. Whatever the sower does seems to fail: seed pecked up by birds, scorched by the sun, choked by thistles. What are my pecking birds, my scorching sun, my choking thistles which annihilate the seed Jesus sows in me? It’s probably different for every one of us. But some, just a little, of the seed bears a fantastic harvest. There must be something I can show to the Lord with pride and gratitude: ‘Look, this is the seed you gave me; it has grown, developed, and here is your harvest.’ Jesus, too, reflected on his mission to establish his Father’s sovereignty on earth. Jesus, too, may well have wondered if he was getting anywhere. It was only when he had failed utterly, alone, deserted and tortured, that his perseverance won the crown. Jesus doesn’t want the successful. He wants the failures as his followers – and that is where the harvest lies.
In Jesus’ story what is the seed? What prevents the seed reaching its full growth in me? In what way has the seed made me a better person?


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