The group was formed in 2002 to promote Justice and Peace in a variety of ways.

We decided to support a different charity for a maximum of two years with the stipulation that it must be a small charity not run by a big organisation. Parishioners can put forward any charity they would like us to consider. There has to be personal contact, usually via email, with someone "on the ground".

Fund raising for the project includes the 100+ club in which members pay £12 annually with a chance to win prize money in a monthly draw, theatre visits, bring and buy sales, fairs, quiz nights, raffles, entertainments (concerts, magic night, talent shows), hunger lunches, tea parties and a parish Christmas card.

Other activities include card signing through CAFOD to petition MPs to work for social justice, talks and support for Fair Trade. Thanks to Bev and Danny Hornsby we are able to sell Fair Trade products.

Money raised for each year is shown on the notice board together with project information.

The Justice & Peace Group


Sister Susanna Choi established "CHAD" (Community Health and Development) in 2009 in Myitkyina. While life is improving in Myanmar it is not changing in the remote mountainous, jungle areas of Kachin State where disease, malnutrition and poverty are rife.

Villagers are selected to train as health workers in Myitikyina and then return to their villages in Kachin with CHAD staff to establish a health education project. A mobile clinic is also provided. CHAD also trains villagers to run education projects covering school fees, stationery etc.

The civil war in Kachin caused psychological issues. CHAD responds to these needs too.

June 2014

The group has supported the Amnesty campaign to release Meriam (in prison for marrying a Christian and converting to Christianity) . She was sentenced to 100 lashes and execution when her baby reaches 2 years of age. It seems as if the campaign has worked as the President has overridden Sharia law.